Sitemap - 2023 - ModernFi Insights

The Unequal Increase in Interest Expense

Mid-Size and Regional Banks Utilize Reciprocal Deposits for Deposit Growth and Retention

FDIC Launches Insurance Campaign in Response to Depositor Concerns About Safety

Deposit Runoff Completely Driven by Uninsured Deposits

Use of Reciprocal Deposits Doubles Over Previous Two Quarters as They Become Essential to Community and Regional Banks

Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America and ModernFi Partner to Support and Accelerate Deposit Growth

The Impact of Deposit Volatility and Banking Stress on Reserve Balances

Momentum Around Deposit Insurance Reform Dissipates in Congress

Consolidation and the Importance of Community Banks

Analyze the Impact of Sweeping or Receiving Deposits with ModernFi’s Balance Sheet Report

Use of Reciprocal Deposits Grows Quickly but Not by Enough

First Republic’s Q1 Call Report Paints a Dramatic Picture

Deposit Drag

FDIC Proposes Changes to Deposit Insurance

The Mismatch in Banking Technology

The Full Power of Deposit Networks

What can we expect from the FDIC?

Building the FHLB for Deposits

Deposit Networks, Funding Diversification, and Managing Excess Cash

ModernFi Announces Advisory Board as the Firm Accelerates Its Support of Community and Regional Banks


The Balance Sheet Impact of Too Many Deposits

Deposit Runoff and Return

ModernFi raises from Andreessen Horowitz as banks embrace software to source deposits and manage balance sheet size

Deposit Cannibalization and Wholesale Funding

Liquidity at a Premium Despite Historically High Deposit Levels

Funding Expectations for 2023